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Piers Morgan injures himself by falling off his High Horse

Viewers noticed a blessed silence when they tuned in to Good Morning Britain, as Piers Morgan was surprisingly absent.

The accident happened as Piers was sitting astride his High Horse. In good form, he was telling everyone why they were wrong about everything, and reminding them of how brilliant he is when suddenly, his horse bolted.

Piers takes a few days off to allow his arse to recover

Toilet Roll shortage leads to surge in demand for Piers Morgan’s Biography

As panic buying sets in and toilet roll is in short supply, sales of Piers Morgan’s Biography go through the roof.

With unscrupulous sellers raking in huge profits by increasing the price of loo roll, canny shoppers have been bulk buying Piers Morgan’s Biography, Living Like a C*&7! As an alternative.

That should see us through
Obvious when you think about

Guardianista in hiding after shamefully agreeing with Piers Morgan

North London Guardianista, Ian Napton, has locked himself away in shame after agreeing with something said by Piers Morgan.

“I couldn’t believe I’d done it. I was sitting on the toilet, reading twitter and someone retweeted one of his tweets. Almost without thinking, I liked and shared it. Now my follower count is down to three, even the wife has changed her twitter name and unfollowed me.”


Could someone please pass this on to Piers Morgan, it was incorrectly delivered to our office?

There has been a bit of confusion at the Royal Mail. This personal invitation to Piers Morgan was incorrectly delivered to our office.

It seems that the Saudi’s have been getting advice on how to restore their world wide reputation, following the Jamal Kashoggi incident. They have decided to invite another internationally renowned reporter to the Saudi Arabian Consulate in Istanbul, for a personal interview. Continue reading “Could someone please pass this on to Piers Morgan, it was incorrectly delivered to our office?”

RIP The much loved truth and justice campaigner, Smears Morgan

We are very saddened to hear of the untimely death of the controversial truth campaigner and stalwart fighter for truth, justice and integrity.

Renowned as the editor of several National Newspapers, and as a known associate of Rupert Murdoch, Smears was never one to not go far enough. Continue reading “RIP The much loved truth and justice campaigner, Smears Morgan”