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Grandad sent to a home after buying a copy of The Daily Mail

The Napton family has come to the sad realisation that it was time for Grandad to go into a home.

The trouble started when Grandad went to the local shop for a packet of Werthers Originals and came back with a copy of the Daily Mail. The embarrassed family immediately called an emergency meeting. After a quick chat, they decided that, even though he was only 58, it was time for him to go into a home. Grandma was delighted.

The Daily Mail, really? Oh! Grandad, How could you?

Tourist Catches Forgotten Disease After Messing Around In A London Phone Box

An American tourist has contracted a rare disease after posing for a photo in a London telephone box.

Geoff Peters of Scottsdale was rushed to St Thomas Hospital last Friday evening after foolishly taking a photo inside one of London’s disgusting red telephone boxes. It is believed that he has contracted a strain of the McNamara virus, an autoimmune disease thought to be extinct since the 1980s. It would also appear that this would be the first time the phone box has been used since then and the virus had been safely contained within before Mr Peters decided to take a clichéd photo for his family WhatsApp.

French lessons?

Guardianista in hiding after shamefully agreeing with Piers Morgan

North London Guardianista, Ian Napton, has locked himself away in shame after agreeing with something said by Piers Morgan.

“I couldn’t believe I’d done it. I was sitting on the toilet, reading twitter and someone retweeted one of his tweets. Almost without thinking, I liked and shared it. Now my follower count is down to three, even the wife has changed her twitter name and unfollowed me.”


Sun editor sacked after discovery of shameful link to Pontius Pilate

The Sun have sensationally sacked their editor, Ian Napton after it emerged that he’s a descendant of the infamous hand-washer, Pontius Pilot. The paper’s owners said, “He failed to disclose his shameful ancestry when he was asked about his family history at the interview.

It’s a fair cop guv!

The Sun defend being a right bunch of Jeremy’s

A spokesperson for the Sun defended their decision to publish a brutally insensitive article, relating to England cricket star Ben Stokes, on the basis that it was ‘in the national interest.’

Continuing the diatribe, they announced, ‘We are all a little bit sick of Brexit, so in the absence of a good child abduction story, or the Queen snuffing it, we thought we’d give the public a hearty tragedy to get stuck into it.’

Don’t Be A Jeremy!