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Everton announce 'Stone Cold' Steve as their new manager

Everton FC, after days of speculation, finally dumped Marco Silva this week following a humbling 5-2 loss in the Merseyside Derby.

Just forty-eight hours later, the club has announced his replacement, the result of an ‘exhaustive’ search (aka, ringing up Rafa Benitez and being told to piss off).

Look, stop coparing us to Liverpool, we are just not that good!

VAR Review Overturns Result in Battle of Stalingrad

On the 2nd February 1943 the Battle of Stalingrad, a key strategic location in the Soviet Union over which Nazi Germany and the Soviets had fought doggedly during the course of several months in the middle of World War 2, ended in victory for the hosts and a decimation of the German Sixth Army.

But should it have?

You’re not wrong Jeff!