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Management Consultants go to Hell

Satan has called in management consultants after external auditors failed to find any evidence of fraud in Hell’s annual accounts. 

If Amazon don’t pay tax, why should I? Asks Satan

£20,000 train ticket after Prince Charles used GWR’s On-Line booking site

The Royal Household’s annual budget came under scrutiny yet again today after it was revealed that the Prince of Wales had spent £20,000 on a train journey from London to Port Talbot.

It is understood that where the Prince would ordinarily allow his Private Secretary’s team to take care of such mundane matters, he was intrigued to have a go at booking a train ticket online himself, with expensive consequences.

One does ones best!

Harry and Meg’s kitchen makeover comes in at £2.4 million

Harry and Meg’s kitchen makeover comes in at £2.4 million after Chris Grayling oversees the installation

Royal sycophants at the BBC and Daily Mail were left trying to justify why the Golden Couple can spend £2.4 million of tax-payers money on the renovation of their private residence, Frogmore Cottage.

However, their problems were solved after it emerged that the kitchen makeover project was given to Chris Grayling to handle.

It’s Chris Grayling, what did you expect?

Billionaire businessman wins compensation from HMRC after getting a tax bill

A Billionaire businessman’s accountants win £25,000 after appealing against a personal tax bill of £37.50.

Ian Napton trousers £25,000 from HMRC by way of apology for any inconvenience the tax demand caused.  The accounting error occurred when one of the Office Junior’s forgot to carry the three. Continue reading “Billionaire businessman wins compensation from HMRC after getting a tax bill”

Taxpayer stunned to indifference over the new Royal baby

While congratulations have poured in from around the world for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on the birth of their son, the reaction at home has been low key by comparison.

Ian Napton, a commuter from Eastbourne and taxpayer, said, “This is going to cost the country money inevitably – money I’d rather see spent on making the railways work, the hospitals better funded, or even the potholes repaired in my street. I don’t really care about the Royals, if I’m honest. Princess Kate is quite pretty, I suppose. There’s no way that Hooray Henry of a husband of hers would have pulled her if he hadn’t been able to ask her if she fancied being the Queen.” Continue reading “Taxpayer stunned to indifference over the new Royal baby”