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Theresa say’s ‘F**k You’ to the DUP by legalising gay marriage

The House of Commons has decided that the law of the UK should apply to all the country.

In, what is widely seen as Theresa May’s last ‘F**k You!’ to the DUP, Parliament voted to legalise gay marriage in the province. This brings Northern Ireland in line with other religious fundamentalist states such as Alabama.

For God’s Sake!

Theresa, leaving us with a song “I did it May Way”

And now, my end is near
My leadership gone for a burton
U.K I’ll say it clear,
You’ve done it now, of which I’m certain 

Regrets, I’ve had a few
Article 50 and it’s extension
I did what I had to do
And saw it through with much contention  Continue reading “Theresa, leaving us with a song “I did it May Way””

As Theresa’s last day at work approaches, Downing Street staff ponder ideas for a suitable leaving gift

As a bicycle rack is installed outside 10 Downing Street and a taxpayer-funded padlock is being wrapped as a welcome gift for the new Prime Minister, staff are preparing to say their farewells to Theresa May.

Ideas are being considered for what would constitute a suitable farewell gift, and a suggestion box has been left in the hallway, just behind the famous black front door, where all staff can discreetly leave suggestions.

What should we say?

Brexiteer Tories forced to thank Jeremy Corbyn after he does them a solid

Senior Tory MP’s found themselves in disarray last night after realising they would need to thank Jeremy Corbyn for the break down in talks with Theresa May.

Many senior Tory MP’s have been apoplectic with rage since The Prime Minister announced that she was willing to discuss joining forces with Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party to try and get a Brexit deal through Parliament. Continue reading “Brexiteer Tories forced to thank Jeremy Corbyn after he does them a solid”

What’s happened to Chris Grayling?

Concern mounted about the Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling, after a reporter noticed that he hadn’t made a colossal cock-up in the last month.

The journalist, Ian Napton, broke the story ‘I was short of ideas the Sunday feature, and I did what I always do, went looking for details of Chris Grayling’s latest howler. There’s always one but this time there was nothing. I couldn’t find anything since he paid £40 million to run empty ferries to France and back. It was a concern, for a minute there I thought I’d have to do some proper work, then I realised this was the story.” Continue reading “What’s happened to Chris Grayling?”