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BBC and ITV launch a new monthly streaming service – GammonTV


To cash in on the global media streaming boom, BBC and ITV have joined forces to create a uniquely British offering. Called Britbox but immediately nicknamed ‘GammonTV’, it will showcase Britain’s golden age.

Ian Napton “We know we’re never going to be as big as Netflix and Amazon and we can’t compete with their innovative and original, world-wide, programming but we’re happy with that. Not everyone wants to see new and exciting things. No! they’d much rather have something old and boring that they’ve seen a hundred times before. We believe people will pay £5.99 a month, on top of the £154.50 a year TV licence, to watch this stuff.”

More nostalgia here!

Carabao Cup draw takes place in the Morrisons soft drinks aisle

Carabao Cup Drawn in Morrisons

A controversial venue choice has led to bitter outrage and furious condemnation for the organisers of the Rumbelows Coca-Cola Littlewoods Challenge Over-sugared Carabao Soft Drink Championship. The draw for Round 1 of the trophy (which led to such mouth-watering pairings as Grimsby v Doncaster and Blackpool v Macclesfield) took place in the Colindale branch of Morrison’s on Thursday evening.

and next out Accrington Stanley

Critics claim it’s ‘PC gone mad’ after Jeremy Kyle show cancelled

Lying bastard

Leave voters everywhere are indignant at the latest outrage they are convinced evil Remainers are behind, the scrapping of The Jeremy Kyle Show.

Speaking from behind his copy of The Daily Mail, Barry Gammon fumed, “It’s the PC Brigade gone mad. Just because someone topped himself after Jeremy caught him out playing away, the rest of us miss out on our morning entertainment. ITV should stand up to the naysayers.” Continue reading “Critics claim it’s ‘PC gone mad’ after Jeremy Kyle show cancelled”

Latest series of Tits and Dragons proves to be a ratings winner

Tits and Dragons

After an almost unbearable wait, fuelled by leaks, teasers and expensive publicity campaigns, Tits and Dragons is back on our TV screens.

Already, there has been much portentous talking, some boring monologues and a startling revelation of something everyone had already guessed. This will be endlessly discussed on Social Media, until everyone loses the will to live. Continue reading “Latest series of Tits and Dragons proves to be a ratings winner”

Australian wins the 2010 Hide and Seek World Championship

Hide and Seek Champion

Finally a winner has been declared in the 2010 Hide and Seek, World Championships. The Gold Medal has been awarded to Julian from Australia.

Julian was philosophical about his win. “Obviously you train hard for this. There are long hours spent hiding under the bed or the living under the stairs. It’s serious practice and dedication to learn the art of creeping. I’ve lost track of how many nights I spent delivering boxes of Milk Tray to random women.Continue reading “Australian wins the 2010 Hide and Seek World Championship”

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