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Rashford says “Don’t you make me come down there and sort this out!”

The Premier League footballer, Marcus Rashford, recently came to public prominence by forcing the government to ‘do the right thing’. Now he has to do it all again, after the Government engaged in chicanery to deny hungry children food.

Rashford returns to London to kick some arse

Met Police to teach cops not to get caught being racist

The Met Police is concerned about the high number of online videos showing the Police’s racial abuse of black people. It will now train officers how to not get caught being racist, in the first place.

“We are sorry that middle-class white people are upset by videos showing what it’s like to be black and live in London. Obviously, it would be much better if they hadn’t seen what we get up to.”

The Chief Constable
Wearing a loud shirt, after dark in a built up area

Union Jack painted upside-down on BJ’s new plane

The liberal elite took to social media, to ridicule the Prime Minister’s decision to spend £900,000 painting a flag on the tail fin of his aeroplane. Unfortunately for Mr Johnson, the Union Jack appears to have been painted upside down.

I know its something to do with a fat white line, says Gove.
What do you mean, it’s not the right way up?

Government supporters were quick to rebut allegations of more ministerial incompetence.

Upside-down Union Jack is a cry for help, someeone save us!