Googlesoft password Runbyc*%ts!

Googlesoft reveal Britain’s most common password is ‘Runbyc*%ts!’

Googlesoft have revealed Britain’s most common, and easily  guessable password. The winner is ‘Runbyc*%ts!’ which is being used by over 69% of IT users. 

The tech guys claim that using easily recognisable passwords makes it simple for hackers to gather personal data for nefarious purposes. They would like to point out that this is their job.


UKIP cry “It isn’t fair when you make fun of us by quoting exactly what we said”

UKIP have complained about their treatment by social, and mainstream media. They claim they’re being bullied, intimidated and made to look foolish by people quoting exactly what they said.

It’s not fair, people are being really mean to us. All we do is tell everyone exactly why we hate anyone who is a little bit different and before you know it, its all over social media and everyone is laughing at us. It’s very mean and hurtful.” said one kipper.

UKIP and Pro Brexit protest

Home Office say’s the UK is overcrowded by 17 Million and proposes to deport the Leave Voters

The Home Office says there are too many people in the U.K. The optimum population number is 50 million, 17 million below the actual number living here. A task force was set up to establish which 17 million people need to be deported.