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The News Where You Aren’t – Episode 2

In this exciting and enthralling episode

Scotland has packed its bags and is leaving the UK House, following a row about living arrangements. Donald Trump plans to build a hotel and golf course on the moon. The Beatles Yellow Submarine is to be refitted as a Trident Nuclear Sub and a lazy Scottish Tourist has been arrested for having a snack on the steps of the Ministry of Defence.

You wouldn’t have done this if I’D BEEN pAUL mcCartney!

The News Where You Aren’t – Episode 1

In this exciting and enthralling episode

UK Prime Minister and former NASA Astronaut, Boris Johnson is accused of lying. Former speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, reveals his show business plans. An American Tourist catches a rare disease from a London Phone Box and a Dr Who fan has a moan about his local phone box being used to sell CBD.

After his successful defeat of the Nazis in WW2

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Breaking News with Brice Ledingham

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